Crafting a Silcone Dildo

With the average price for a dildo being $60 or more it’s very advantageous to craft your own dildo. In addition when you make your own dildo you are able to personalize and make it just like you like. Low quality dildos are you usually crafted from latex rubber, being porous and germ laden as they are much harder to clean. It is therefore advisable to utilize a more expensive silicone dildo which I will talk about here. Nonetheless here are the steps and happy dildoing!

1) Create a mold – using a soft clay this will serve as the shape and form for your dildo so be sure it’s something that you are comfortable with.

2) Cover the clay dildo – you first need to cover the clay dildo with a layer of vaseline so that it will slip the clay out later. Be sure and use liquid latex like you would get from a hobby shop. Continue this for several layers making sure to fully coat your dildo. Latex will take a long time to dry so it’s best to use many thin layers rather then thicker ones. If you wish to speed this up you can use a hair dryer, be sure to make sure each layer is dry before adding the next one. Use about 5-9 layers and be sure to let it dry overnight after you are done layering your dildo. The next step is to paint your dildo here is where you can be creative with colors, designs and other things. Have fun with this, remember its your dildo!

3. Wait – I know you are probably really excited to use your dildo but it’s going to take about a week for the latex to completely dry. Once this is done you can slip the clay out of the latex as it’s ready for the next step.

4. Fill Your Dildo – You are now ready for the silicone on your dildo, the most widely available one is that at a hobby store that is used for sealing windows and things. It’s very important you get 100% silicone with no additives, if you look around you can even find various colors of silicone to give your dildo that personal touch (in order to properly apply the silicone you are going to need a caulking gun which any very woman should have a caulking gun. Most hardware stores should have these as well, and they’re not too expensive.

5. Cast your Dildo– Cut a hole a cardboard box slightly bigger then width of your dildo and tape the latex so there is a slight overhang on the inside of the box. Carefully squeeze the silicone through the bottom of the latex to make sure there are no air bubbles trapped.

6 . Enjoy – It’s almost time for you to enjoy your new dildo but you have to be patient and let your dildo dry for 24 hours after which you can peel off the latex and begin to use your dildo.
Ladies you have just made one of your new best friends!

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