Exact Replica of Your Penis – Here’s How

Exact Replica of Your Penis – Here’s How

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Now we see how why girls should always tidy up!! this will make you think! Oh my god just imagine this happening to you!!

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  1. angurisloudangurisloud05-23-2011

    When I was in college my wife’s boss (a woman) told us that she’d found her son in their front yard holding up her silver vibrator and shouting “here’s my Mom’s Silver Bullet” over and over.

    The “silver bullet” name goes back to old time radio (the Lone Ranger) but more recently was used by a beer company in their advetsing of beer in silver cans… the kid had heard the phrase on TV… funny as HELL!!!!!

  2. AlexThompson666AlexThompson66605-23-2011

    LMFAO!!!! When he turns it on his laugh is hilarious LOL

  3. livendeadgirllivendeadgirl05-23-2011

    LMFAO dude i would do this just to get a kick out of it

  4. NerdtronManNerdtronMan05-23-2011

    Would’ve been funnier if he sniffed his hands and cried after HAHAH

  5. oldschoolrockstaroldschoolrockstar05-23-2011

    Jesus Tap dancing c… I can’t believe my very own eyes when I saw that video. Rolling On Floor Laughing Out Loud…

  6. urlocalSAVAGEurlocalSAVAGE05-23-2011

    lol…that is fuckin hilarious.

  7. MAZEY22MAZEY2205-23-2011


  8. OGBS99OGBS9905-23-2011


  9. TechTron69TechTron6905-23-2011

    hahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahaha THATS FUCKING BRILLIANT

  10. MajoraslayerMajoraslayer05-23-2011



  11. ScooperdudeScooperdude05-23-2011


  12. Slurppee12345Slurppee1234505-23-2011

    Lol, funny but… umm I dunno, he’ll be pissed when hes like 15.

  13. feederloverfeederlover05-23-2011

    haha i love it

  14. Dwojy18Dwojy1805-23-2011

    Holy shit! That kid is gonna be pissed when he finds out what he was holding on national television when he grows up!! LOLOL

  15. Exodus702Exodus70205-23-2011


  16. SoL0SoL005-23-2011

    XD ,

  17. empteeemptee05-23-2011

    lol that was fuckin great!

  18. Kaput0103Kaput010305-23-2011

    Ikea rules

  19. SSJLIGHTSSJLIGHT05-23-2011

    O…MFG! I can’t believe they made a commercial like this. KUDOS! FUCKING KUDOS!

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